Monday, April 13, 2009

Literature = Expression

One of the most amazing human beings’ creations has been, through times, the Literature. Humans are sociable; we need to share with other humans our thoughts, feelings, and believes. Therefore, having language to pass the culture over each other, humans can express themselves through generations. Literature is not only written language, as we can think. According with this “Literature is the expression of culture using language to express it, such as writing, speaking and listening”(Students’ definition) I stick the language of blinds, mutes, and deaf (body languages in general), because each of us express ourselves as we can, but we express anyway. On the other hand, what we really need is the way how we read the language or how we interpret something said. Reading literature is the most difficult part of language’s expression. Is completely clear what we are telling? Do people understand our messages as we send them? To be a good interpret of literature, first of all, we should read a lot and, at the same time, we do form an open-mind to understand more our people/culture/world.

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