Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Modern Charlie

Modern Times is one of the greatest films that I have ever seen. Those times were too difficult, especially if you wanted to express yourself or claiming for dignities. It is really amazing when you see this movie and then you realize that Charlie is sending many messages about what was happening in those times, in the capitalism industrialized, and while, he was making it tragicomic. He realized that people were suffering because of the injustice of those times, what the modernity was doing to the people. He represented the real life of thousands of workers who suffered the same that Chaplin did, as an example, he became mad because of work conditions, he was sent in jail without any claim about what really happened as a result of he was unvoiced, he and his girlfriend depended on work and they were as marionettes because they could do any job for necessity, and as they could not be part in this world they went to unknowns place; moreover, it was real for people, especially, poor ones, whose every one had it own pursuit of their happiness. This tragicomic film marked a new era of showing how the way people were living and seeing the world, how the progress made dehumanization. On the other hand, Chaplin belonged to freedom, and he did not want politics positions and any ideologies, because they make you a slave. In this movie he pretended to replace the human beings’ dignities. However, in those complicated times, many countries had banned this film because it was against the modern progress. According to those countries, this movie was the evidence where the protagonist, Charlie, did not belong to the way of thinking that everybody had, in terms of society. Modern Times is a very good example to know this past of our history, where the protagonist, Charlie, is an excellent model to act this.

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