Monday, April 13, 2009

Epic Poem... Epic life

An epic poem talks about heroes and their incredible adventures in the past, such as Beowulf, Odyssey and the Iliad, Don Quijote de la Mancha, and so on. This is a long narrative that tries to show us what really happened in the past, as telling us about history. However, Are they (the stories) real? It is not sure that they are facts of History neither if they are, but they can give us some details that can tell a lot about those times, about what could happen. If we read a epic poem such as Beowulf, firstly, it is going to be very complex, then you can comprehend a little bit more about what happens in this story. Perhaps, it could be so fictional and incredible, although it is giving you a lot of information about what people did in those times. This sort of story was made by a human. Humans have imagination. Humans can intrerpret things as anything else. Nevertheless, humans, as us, can write / create things - as epic poem- connected to our world.

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