Sunday, April 26, 2009

Can we live in truth?

What people really need is Truth in this world to make it better. Without worrying about throng’s life (referring to that people have greed illness and being with them is like to be ill as well). Truth is consciousness, rightfulness, intrinsic (me and I), satisfaction, goodness (with me, thus, with others), safety, certainty, courage and bravery, maybe a god’s way to live.

In this world people’s greed and ignorance is increasing everyday but their social climbing is not safe of what those people really want. Greed is next to uncertainty, but what is this greed and uncertainty about? What do people want? Is it money? Do they want money? Or what are they afraid of? Or it is something else. People’s ignorance makes them think that money shall safe them in this world but about what! Actually, today, people’s greed is worse, in terms of material things. This is destroying this world. We can see that.

Having the “power” of many people who has faith and beliefs on, religions, especially Catholic Church was bleed into the wealth of the world and it was a high social class which could change people’s life, mainly of poor people who do not know their truth, in those times and even today. Chaucer thought that it was not the way on being in truth and peace. Believe in god was good, but what really God wanted or wants is the goodness and no the wealth and convenience of the world. Thinking about the worse tragedies of the world, facts show that Catholic Church has committed most of them. Is it goodness?

In every moment I felt very good reading this poem. Even it corroborates my opinion about life. Belong a religious does not make you more generous or better. Your thoughts, feelings, and acts must be safe, healthy and fear with you and, thus with others. If you are in calm with your self and with the world (no talking only about people) god and the truth are going to deliver you from this hell.

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