Monday, May 4, 2009

could women be loved?

It is difficult to realize about what women really want as a result of all women are different and they live in singular contexts and cultures, therefore, each woman loves and wants to be loved in special ways. Most of them want to be desired, pleased, respected, and of course they do want to feel free. Women get their hopes up when they are in love with someone; however, it is not necessary to be in love when we talk about pleasure. Alison, "The Wife of Bath" by Chaucer, gives us some clues about what women look forward, set their eyes and expect about men. It is pretty interesting about a woman, in the middle ages, that had similar feelings about pleasure in women on nowadays. Depending on the women’s moral is the level of pleasure and satisfaction. Having any religion ideology, women are going to have satisfaction if they could have belonging to the religion submission. Nevertheless, is it good to be so liberal or too conservative? Perhaps, both are wrong, because extremes are wrong. What women really need is to be known and understood by men and without any prejudice about other people, and maybe, women could be pleased, who knows women are surprising gifts.

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