Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Norman Conquest 1066

When I read this I learned that this conquest made for William of Normandy was very good to English Language because he enriched this language. First of all, he was from France, so that language was very order and clear; it used (and uses now) many auxiliars, and so on. Then, in this Norman conquest he introduced a lot of things to English Language. He was enphazised into each word meanings, so he could give an order in sentences that were used in old English. Besides, he included auxiliar such as "Have" and "Shall". It was very important due to the sentences has new order and meanings. I think that with this English started to be much better than before. But at that time people had to learn this and at the same time they kept writing in old English. Also, at this time was very difficult to speak an language because England began to be a Trilingual country. It had: English, France and Latin. they were divided on: School, church and politic.

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