Monday, October 27, 2008

Elizabeth, more than a name...

When Roman Catholic in Spain was the most powerful Empire in the World, Felipe II, King of Spain, wanted to take over the English land to join it with Spanish land. So his daughter, Isabella, could be the Queen of England. On the other hand, Elizabeth, Queen of England, one of the smartest women in the whole History, was alone without family, and with no child. The thing was if she does not have family or a child, the throne was going to be for her cousin Mary, Queen of Scots. Then Elizabeth began to look for a man who could be her husband. But every man that was presented to her she refused.

However, she met with Walter Raleigh, a man from a New World, who offered her some American’s riches. He was attractive to Elizabeth’s eyes. Meanwhile, some people (Jesuits) conspired with Felipe to kill Elizabeth, so, in this way; Mary could have the English throne. But those people were killed.

Walsingham, Elizabeth’s best advisor, knew about what Spain wanted to do, kill Elizabeth. He knew this because his brother was a papist, so Walsingham sent his brother in jail. Besides he told this Elizabeth, who angrily confronted Spain. Nevertheless, she noticed that almost everyone was against her. Therefore, she wanted to suicide. But she could not. Elizabeth was in emotional, psychological and physical crisis. Later, Mary, queen of Scots, was beheaded. With this, Felipe obtained approval from the Pope to go to war.

While, in England, Walter asked to Elizabeth leave for the New World but she did not accept it. Moreover, the best ward of the queen, Bess, discovered that she was pregnant of Walter. Although, this was betray for Elizabeth and therefore she sent him in jail, queen of England forgave them. Besides, the War between Spain and England had almost started in English lands…

I really like this film. How actors and producers could interpret and make the atmosphere of this story in that way. I looked Elizabeth as perfect, she was so smart. It was amazing. She never fell down from her beliefs and thoughts. The way she looked like was as a magnificent Queen. Reading and watching this story it is like and invented one, but it was real. In the film, details show the real life that they had at that time. Even film’s music stays on your mind for days.

On the other hand, before I read it I wanted to know more about Elizabeth’s thinking, perhaps, know a little bit more about her (I know that it would be very difficult to know) but only appears facts, decisions and movements among empires. Before I watched the film I thought the same, but it was more emphases in the love side, and no in the whole context. So, it is necessary to read about England history before watch it. However, we know that some things in the film are changed to make it more artistic or maybe for not doing a high controversy with Catholic religion, I think. Nevertheless, reading about Elizabeth I, the mood was the same that I imagined when I read it. Although, each characterization was really good, the main character, Elizabeth I, acted by Cate Blanchet was amazing. In a moment, I felt that I was watching the history of Elizabeth through this film.

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